Armor Monster

Duration: Armor Monster

Release Year: 2019

One day, 12-year-old Zachary once again met the subway "0" which her mother took nine years ago, and the appearance of the subway seems to have some connection with the necklace left by her mother. In order to find her mother, Zachary stepped on the magic subway without hesitation! When the train arrived at the station, Zachary found that he had come to a magical world of elves. He also met the elf Rooney chased by hunters. In order to protect the Rooney, they fled to the underground city. Here, Zachary meets Scarlett, a red haired girl, and Zachary accidently becomes the Rooney and is regarded as a half-face hunter who is under searched with big bonus in the underground city. In order to leave the underground city to find his mother, Zachary has to agree to fight with the old wizard, the King of the underground city. Under Scarlett’s training, Zachary grew up fast.