Fury Spinner

Duration: Fury Spinner

Release Year: 2019

After decades of development, Fury Spinner duel has become one of the most popular sports in the world. At this time, the "Ultimate Feast" Invitational Tournament of Fury Spinner began. The protagonist Meteo is invited to the mysterious island together with other top players in the world to embark on a survival adventure. During the adventure, Meteo not only relied on his determination to protect the weak and gained recognition to unlock the power of the sacred beast, but also got acquainted with the hidden master Kim who came here to find his brother and Joll who wanted to prove as the “perfect warrior” to his father. However, this "Ultimate Feast" tournament is just a conspiracy of the organizer Kenji! He wants to use the players to awaken the evil forces in the island to destroy the world! Meteo and friends stepped forward and tried their best to defeat Kenji.