Invention Story

Duration: Invention Story

Release Year: 2019

Carrot Town was once a low-tech community with candles, wind-up clocks, and woodburning stoves. Then a fluke came along – a free-thinking rabbit named SILAS HOPNER who invented a machine that could turn carrots into a fuel called Carrotsene (like kerosene). All hail, Hopner - the genius who gave the rabbits fuel for their lamps and gas for their stoves, with one single invention, became rich, respected... and even the Mayor of Carrot Town! One day another free-thinker strolls into town. An outsider: no less than a fox. An inventor fox named KIT! Kit is clever, footloose, and carefree. Ideas pour out of him, and he soon invents all kinds of things that utilize carrotsene. And that’s only the start! Aaaarrrgh! How this irritates Mayor Hopner! Every time Kit invents a new gadget, it makes Silas feel worse! SAnd as we all know, where there’s a conflict – there’s a story! Welcome the wacky world of 'INVENTION STORY!'